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A catalog of co-added IRAS fluxes of Orion population stars




Weaver, W.B., & Jones, G., 1992, ApJS, 78, 239

Objects in this reference:

AS 209

BP Tau

CI Tau

CoKu Tau 1

CQ Tau

CY Tau

DG Tau

DL Tau

DM Tau

DN Tau

DO Tau

DR Tau

FT Tau

GM Aur

HD 97048

HL Tau

HT Lup

HV Tau C

IM Lup

IQ Tau

L1551 IRS 5

PV Cephei

RU Lup

RY Tau

UY Aur

UZ Tau E

V4046 Sgr

V892 Tau

WW Cha