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Interpreting Spectral Energy Distributions from Young Stellar Objects. II. Fitting Observed SEDs Using a Large Grid of Precomputed Models




Robitaille, T. P., Whitney, B. A., Indebetouw, R., Wood, K., 2007, ApJ, 169, 328

Objects in this reference:

AA Tau

AB Aur

BP Tau

CI Tau

CoKu Tau 1

CY Tau

DG Tau

DG Tau B

DL Tau

DM Tau

DN Tau

DO Tau

DR Tau

GG Tau

HL Tau

IQ Tau

IRAS 04302+2247 ("Butterfly Star")

IRAS 04325+2402

L1527 IRS (IRAS 04368+2557)

Referred to as IRAS 04368+2557

L1551 IRS 5 (HBC 393)

LkCa 15

RY Tau

UY Aur