PDS 66

MP Mus

RA (J2000)
DEC (J2000)
Spec Type
R band (mag)
Distance (pc)
Disk Major Axis "
Disk Diameter (AU)
Inclination (degrees)
Resolution elements across
At ref. wavelength (microns)
# References
13 22 07.55-69 38 12.2TTK1 IV10.3860.827132Cortes et al. 20099.11.111


Needs confirmation
Spectral Type Reference: Schuetz et al. 2005


Disks around T Tauri Stars with SPHERE (DARTTS-S). I. SPHERE/IRDIS Polarimetric Imaging of Eight Prominent T Tauri Disks

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Near-IR polarimetric imaging

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GPI H- and K-band imaging polarimetry

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Referred to as MP Mus